Cat 3
Spring Series 2004: Results

Dates: Feb 29th to March 28th, 2004
Location: Langley & Abbotsford, BC

Race #8, 9, and 10: Joe Hailey Memorial Stage Race - Mar 27/28, 2004

Full Time Trial Results

Place Cat Last Name First Name TT Time
1 Tandem Solem/Cowie 12:02.0
2 A Sebel Dylan 12:22.0
3 A Slater Scott 12:46.0
4 A Gruber Chris 12:54.7
5 A Johnson Ken 12:54.9
6 A Routley Wilbur 12:58.0
7 A Tolkamp John 13:03.3
8 A Pinfold Andrew 13:03.4
9 A Evans Cam 13:05.7
10 A Van Velzen Min 13:09.0
11 A Neil James 13:10.0
12 A Blanchette Paul 13:25.0
13 A Barth Chris 13:33.3
14 A Goguen Scott 13:33.7
15 A Zimich Larry 13:39.0
16 B Kwasnicki Jim 13:49.0
17 A Larsen Don 13:54.1
18 A Clement Basse 13:54.7
19 A Federeau Ricky 13:54.8
20 A Ross Gord 13:55.0
21 A Issel Brad 13:55.9
22 A Chater Matt 13:56.8
23 A Hodgeson Fred 13:57.5
24 B Dunnison David 13:59.0
25 A Lockey Ian 14:00.0
26 A West Tyler 14:01.0
27 A Waugh Damien 14:02.0
28 A Hansen Matt 14:08.3
29 A Koski Mike 14:09.0
30 A Savage Shane 14:10.0
31 A Slater David 14:10.0
32 B Burns Mike 14:11.0
33 B Premack Craig 14:15.0
34 B Schmit Dan 14:19.0
35 B Steele Duncan 14:21.0
36 A Davidson Jamie 14:22.0
37 B VanVeen Eric 14:24.0
38 B Ain Jeff 14:26.0
39 B Green Matt 14:29.0
40 B Litke Doug 14:36.0
41 B Bognar Ken 14:37.0
42 B Neil Sara 14:38.0
43 B Berry Nick 14:39.0
44 B German Steve 14:39.0
45 B Elliot Adam 14:41.0
46 B James Josh 14:46.0
47 B Prazsky Marni 14:53.0
48 C New Jak 14:58.0
49 B O'Connor Paul 15:02.0
50 B Routley Tony 15:02.0
51 C Fingler Ian 15:03.0
52 C Henderson Bryan 15:06.2
53 C Bant Graeme 15:06.9
54 B Fennel Lucas 15:07.0
55 B Lynem Nic 15:07.0
56 C Kunzli Kerry 15:08.0
57 C Henderson Wayne 15:09.0
58 B Issel Corrine 15:31.0
59 B Garrison Graham 15:32.0
60 B Guloien Leah 15:33.0
61 C Bant Trevor 15:34.0
62 C Holt James 15:36.3
63 C Rossiello Anselmo 15:36.4
64 B Cottrell Matt 15:37.0
65 B Gehlen Calvin 15:46.0
66 C Letham Bill 15:49.0
67 C Campbell Matthew 15:50.0
68 C Locke Tom 16:18.0
69 C Wong Brian 16:21.0
70 C Campbell Cody 16:23.0
71 C MacDougall Austin 16:29.0
72 C Souza Albert 16:31.0
73 C McLaughlin Danielle 17:03.0
74 C Tasa Lisa 17:17.0
75 C Carey Brandon 17:37.0
76 C Garrison Alyssa 17:40.0
77 C Garrison Judi 17:49.0
78 C Lee Jim 18:30.0
Stage 1  Road Race Mar 27
A Group 140 km
1. Scott Goguen    Symmetrics Cycling
2. Will Routley    Symmetrics Cycling
3. Luca Segato
4. Andrew Pinfold    Symmetrics Cycling
5. Chris Gruber
B Group 101 km
1. Dan Schmit    Bayside
2. Doug Litke    Bayside
3. Steve German    Revolution
4. Josh James    Trek/VW
5. Adam Elliot
C Group 70 km
1. Matt Campbell
2. Bryan Henderson
3. Brian Wong    Coastal
4. Andrew Smith
5. Kerry Kunzli    Webber Naturals
Stage 2 Criterium Mar 28
A Group  75 minutes
1. Dylan Sebel    Symmetrics Cycling
2. Andrew Pinfold    Symmetrics Cycling
3. Cam Evans    Symmetrics Cycling
4. Murray Solem    Schwable
5. Keith Stark   
B Group  60 minutes
1. David Slater
2. Tony Routley    Norco
3. Steve German
4. Jim Kwasnicki    Coastal
5. Josh James    Trek/VW
C Group   45 minutes
1. Ian Fingler
2. Jak New    Escape Velocity
3. Tom Locke    Escape Velocity
4. Kerry Kunzli    Webber Naturals
5. Matthew Campbell
Stage 3  Time Trial  10 km  March 28
A Group
1. Dylan Sebel    Symmetrics Cycling  12:22
2. Scott Slater    Rocky Mountain/Adobe    12:46
3. Chris Gruber    12:54.73
4. Ken Johnson    Schwable  12:54.95
5. Wilbur Routley    Symmetrics Cycling  12:58
** Tandem of Murray Solem/Brian Cowie 12:02
B group
1. Jim Kwasnicki    Coastal    13:49
2. Dave Dunnison  Coastal       13:59
3. David Slater        14:10
4. Mike Burns    dEVo/Powerbar    14:11
5. Craig Premack    14:15
C Group
1. Jak New    Escape Velocity    14:58
2. Ian Fingler        15:03
3. Bryan Henderson    15:06
4. Graeme Bant    15:06 ( Cadet rider )
5. Kerry Kunzli    Webber Natural    15:08
Final GC
A Group
1. Dylan Sebel    Symmetrics Cycling    30 pts
2. Andrew Pinfold    Symmetrics Cycling    27 pts
3. Chris Gruber    23 pts
4. Wilbur Routley    Symmetrics Cycling    20 pts
5. Cam Evans    Symmetrics Cycling    15 pts
B Group
1. David Slater    28 pts
2. Dan Schmit    Bayside    26 pts
3. Jim Kwasnicki    Coastal    24 pts
4. Steve German    20 pts
5. Josh James    Trek/VW    17 pts
C group
1. Ian Fingler    31 pts
2. Jak New Escape Velocity    27 pts
3. Kerry Kunzli    Webber Natural    25 pts
4. Matthew Campbell    23 pts
5. Wayne Henderson    16 pts

Race #7: Aldergrove Road Race - Mar 21, 2004

The hilly Aldergrove circuit was blessed some amazing weather this weekend. Clear skies and sunshine took the temperatures up to 18°C during the race. Legwarmers, vests, and sleeves were all tossed as the racing heated up.

In the A Group, riders had 20 laps of the 7km circuit with one noticeable hill at the start/finish. The pack stayed in tact for the first half of the race, with Scott Slater (Rocky Mountain) out on a solo attack for a few laps, then Scott LaLiberte (Schwalbe), Brad Issel (Symmetrics Cycling), and Beau Whitehead (FirstMortgage) trying their luck for a few more. Then it was Dylan Sebel and Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling) taking off, with roughly 2/3 of the race done. The pack chased hard down Zero Ave for a few laps, keeping the break at 30 seconds for the next few laps. Finally, with two laps to go the break was reeled in, followed by a massive counterattack from Marsh Cooper, Will Routely (Symmetrics Cycling) and Corey Lange (Marco Polo). This threesome would storm the final lap together, with Cooper picking up the win, Routely in second, and a well-worked over Lange in third.

In the B Group, dEVo/Powerbar showed why it's one of the most exciting teams on the road for development talent. Jeremy Storie's squad was active all day, well represented in breaks. For the last 5 laps, it was Mike Burns demonstrating that a good winter of training really does pay off. Burns was on the attack and dropped his companions, solo-ing it in for the last lap. 16 year old Jackson Beuhler (dEVO/Powerbar) had another great ride to take second and secure first overall in the B Group Omnium.

Race #7 - March 21st, 2004
A Group
1st - Marsh Cooper Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Will Routely Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Corey Lange Marco Polo
4th - Basse Clement Rocky Mountain
5th - Brad Issel Symmetrics Cycling
B Group
1st - Mike Burns dEVo/Powerbar
2nd - Jackson Beuhler dEVo/Powerbar
3rd - Jim Kwasnicki Coastal
4th - Philip Burgess La Bicicletta
5th - Dan Schmit Bayside
C Group
1st - Matt Law  
2nd - Julia Hlynsky dEVo/Powerbar
3rd - Andrew Storms  
4th - Dave Kosick  
5th - Naomi Cooper dEVo/Powerbar

The A Group strings it out down Zero Ave - Photo: Peter Ross

March 20/21 Omnium Totals

A Group 20-Mar 21-Mar Total
1. Will Routley (Symmetrics Cycling) 8 10 18
2. Corey Lange 7 8 15
3. Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics Cycling) 12 0 12
4. Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling) DNF 12 12
5. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics Cycling) 10 2 12
. Brad Issel (Symmetrics Cycling) 5 6 11
. Luca Segato 4 5 9
. Basse Clement (Rocky Mountain ) 0 7 7
. Ken Johnson (Scwable) 6 0 6
. Larry Zimich (Coastal) 0 4 4
. Cam Evans (Symmetrics Cycling) 3 DNS 3
. Sean Dawson (Trek/VW) 2 1 3
. Carter Hovey 0 3 3
. Eric Harvey (Bayside) 1 0 1
B Group 20-Mar 21-Mar Total
1. Jackson Buehler (dEVo/Powerbar) 12 10 22
2. Mike Burns (dEVo/Powerbar) 8 12 20
3. Dan Schmit (Bayside) 10 6 16
4. Jim Kwasnicki (Coastal) 5 8 13
5. Tony Routley 6 5 11
. Philip Burgess (La Bicicletta) DNS 7 7
. Josh James (Trek/VW) 7 DNS 7
. Allan Favell (Escape Velocity) 4 DNS 4
. Al Gair (Bayside) 0 4 4
. Eric Van Veen (Bayside) 3 DNS 3
. Ryan Rickerts (WWU) DNS 3 3
. David Neubeck 2 0 2
. Christina Briante 0 2 2
. Glenn Barr (Bayside) 1 0 1
. Glen Hendricks (Bayside) 0 1 1

Purse was generously contributed by the following companies. OpenRoad Communication, Ritter Aalhus Construction Mgt. Ltd., Realmortgage Services Inc., Westlam Industries, and dEVo/Powerbar Youth Cycling program. For all of these groups their support for the local cycling community goes far beyond mere dollars as all of these people put endless hours into furthering the development of cycling in British Columbia. Please thank them for all they do.

Race #6: Atomic Road Race - Mar 20, 2004

Strong winds set the stage for a hard day of racing, as Omnium Stage #1 got way at the Atomic Race course in Langley. The rolling hills and strong crosswinds shredded the fields, as the hard men and women came to the front in their respective races.

In the A Group, a major selection occured on lap 3 of 13, with a strong group getting away. Symmetrics lead the way placing riders Marsh Cooper, Min Van Velzen, Cam Evans, Dylan Sebel, Brad Issel, Will Routely, and Scott Goguen into the lead group. Dylan Sebel and Matt Usborne (Rocky Mountain), dueled it out for a few laps, with Sebel breaking clear and riding solo for the majority of the race. Riders crossed the line, with large gaps between as the final few laps broke up the group even more. Scott Goguen, Will Routely (Symmetrics), Corey Lange (Marco Polo) and Ken Johnson (Schwalbe) rounded out the top 5.

In the B Group, it was Dan Schmit (Bayside), Glen Barr, Jackson Beuhler (dEVo/Powerbar), and Mike Burns (dEVo/Powerbar) riding clear of the pack for the majority of the race. With two laps to go, Barr dropped from the main group, leaving Schmit with Burns and Beuhler to contend with. Beuhler scampered up the final climb to take the victory from Schmit, with Burns rolling across in third.

And in the C Group, it was Naomi Cooper dominating the field with a great performance. Her climbing prowess was on display all day, as she took the race handily over her competitors.

Race #6 - March 20th, 2004
A Group
1st - Dylan Sebel Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Scott Goguen Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Will Routely Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Corey Lange Marco Polo
5th - Ken Johnson Schwalbe
B Group
1st - Jackson Beuhler dEVo/Powerbar
2nd - Dan Schmit Bayside
3rd - Mike Burns dEVo/Powerbar
4th - Josh James Trek/VW
5th - Tony Routely  
C Group
1st - Naomi Cooper dEVo/Powerbar
2nd - Rod Siudit  
3rd - Matthew Campbell  
4th - Brian Wong Team Coastal
5th - Edward Migliora  

What C Group riders saw a lot of all day - Naomi Cooper on the move - Photo: Mark Cunningham

Sebel and Usborne duel on the climb -- Sebel solos it to victory

Race #5: Bradner Road Race - Mar 14, 2004

The sunshine went away quickly on Sunday with a brisk and gusty day in Bradner. The course, used as the Escape Velocity Masters Race course, is known to be rolling, windy, and generally hard. Few spots on the course offer any rest for the riders and with the strong winds, Sunday was no exception.

In the A Group, the race was typified by small breakaways and hard attacking. The pack slowly but surely thinned out over the total of 14 punishing laps, with a small group of 25 riders left during the final two laps. Symmetrics again played prominently in the day's events, having made the decisive move with a few laps left. Scott Goguen, Marsh Cooper, and Will Routely (Symmetrics) along with Keith Stark (Cove Bikes) were up the road, as behind Ken Johnson (Schwalbe) and Scott Slater (Rocky Mountain) chased, bringing Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics) along with them. Stark dropped off, Sebel bridged up, and the four Symmetrics riders crossed the line together.

In the B Group, a final lap break was chased down by the charging pack, lining it up for an exciting 5 rider sprint at the line. In the end, it was Paul Craig (Natural Earth Racing) using his mountain-biker-come-track-cyclist skills (honed at the Burnaby Velodrome all winter long) to defeat the affable Irishman and climber Phillip Burgess (La Bicicletta) and Jim Kwasnicki (Team Coastal) at the line. Marni Prazsky took 5th, capping off an impressive weekend of racing.

Paul Craig (left) takes the bike throw at the line in the B Group over Jim Kwasnicki and Phillip Burgess

Gord Ross (Escape Velocity) and Paul Blanchette (Rocky) & Damien Waugh (Coastal) chase in the A Group

(L to R) Routely, Goguen, Sebel and Cooper on their last lap

Photos: Paul Craig, Peter Ross, and Kevin Cunningham

Race #5 - March 14th, 2004
A Group
1st - Will Routely Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Marsh Cooper Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Dylan Sebel Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Scott Goguen Symmetrics Cycling
5th - Ken Johnson Schwalbe
B Group
1st - Paul Craig Natural Earth Racing
2nd - Phillip Burgess La Bicicletta
3rd - Jim Kwasnicki Team Coastal
4th - Doug Litke Bayside
5th - Marni Prazsky Symmetrics Cycling
C Group
1st - Zach Guy  
2nd - Celeo Guifarro  
3rd - Bryan Henderson  
4th - Brian Wong Team Coastal
5th - Dylan Potter  

Race #4: River Road Circuit - Mar 13, 2004

Another sunny day met the over 100 cyclists of the dEVO/Escape Velocity Spring Series. A slight crosswind grazed over the primarily flat course, but average speeds were still fairly high as the racing was yet again, hard. In the A Group, an initial break rolled off the front at the start line, quickly gaining a 30 second advantage within the first lap. This group of 8 riders (including a tandem) gained up to 5 minutes on the pack, 1/3 of the way through the race. This advantage represented roughly 1/2 of the total distance around the 10-minute-per-lap course. It was at the same time the B Group caught the A Group that the pace picked up. Symmetrics pulled all riders to the front and upped the pace to between 48kmh and 52kmh for over the next hour, until with 5 laps to go, the initial break was caught. Attacks went left right and centre following the catch, with other teams trying to grind down a tired Symmetrics squad from their epic chase. In the end, it was Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics) and Matt Barth (Bayside) managing to get away making it a carbon copy 1-2 of the last River Road race, with Cam Evans in his Symmetrics race debut hanging on between the breakaway and the main pack to take thrid. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics) edged out US rider Beau Whitehead (First Mortage) for 4th place.

In the B Group Race, Marni Prazsky (Symmetrics) unleashed the sprint that's made her one of the top women in the North West, coming around dEVo manager and Spring Series sandbagger organizer Jeremy Storie for the win.

Before the storm - happy A Group riders bask in the BC springtime sunshine and thank our sponsors PowerBar and Sisu

The Symmetrics Train in action in the A Group

Sebel takes first Prazsky on her way to B Group win

Photos: Kevin Cunningham & Peter Bant

Race #4 - March 13th, 2004
A Group
1st - Dylan Sebel Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Matt Barth Bayside
3rd - Cam Evans Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Scott Goguen Symmetrics Cycling
5th - Beau Whitehead First Mortgage
B Group
1st - Marni Prazsky Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Jeremy Storie dEVO/Powerbar
3rd - Dan Schmit Bayside
5th - Jack Macdougall  
C Group
1st - Bryan Henderson  
2nd - Troy Jackson  
3rd - Rod Siudut  
4th - Matthew Campbell  
5th -Ryan Rickerts  

Race #3: Armstrong Hill Road Race - Mar 7, 2004

In the A Group a little over 40 riders started with Scott Goguen and Andrew Pinfold both of Symmetrics riding to an anticlimactic finish as they crossed nearly 4 minutes clear of the field. Goguen attacked near the top of the climb on about the 5th of twelve laps and was joined almost immediately by Pinfold and the duo steadily increased their lead. Will Routley of Symmetrics jumped clear of the main group with one lap to go finishing about 30 seconds ahead of the bunch, which was won by Sean Dawson ( Trek/VW ) over Marsh Cooper of Symmetrics.

In the B group there were a few attacks made up the main climb throughout the 9 laps race but it was not until Dan Schmit ( Bayside ) made a decisive move with a little over 3 laps to go did the real race start to happen. Schmit's lead was healthy at about a minute but the group got time back each lap but came up about 15 seconds short as Schmit soloed for the win. The hard charging group was lead in by Reid Duthie.

The C group was a little sparse on competitors but those that did race put on a good show. The 6 lap race was slowly whittled down to a select group of 4. At the start of the final lap Marc Bohm ( Coastal ) attacked opening up a small gap. 16 year old Naomi Cooper ( dEVO/Powerbar ) was left to chase as the remaining members of the break were also Coastal riders. In the end Cooper dropped her breakaway companions and outsprinted Bohm at the line.

For pictures, check out Pedal Magazine or the Symmetrics Cycling website.

Race #3 - March 7th, 2004
A Group
1st - Scott Goguen Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Andrew Pinfold Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Will Routely Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Sean Dawson Trek/VW
5th - Marsh Cooper Symmetrics Cycling
B Group
1st - Dan Schmit Bayside
2nd - Reid Duthie  
3rd - Jim Kwasnicki Team Coastal
4th - Rene Regimbald Synergy
5th - Glenn Barr  
C Group
1st - Naomi Cooper dEVo/PowerBar
2nd - Mark Bohm Team Coastal
3rd - Brian Wong Team Coastal
4th - Alex Northy Team Coastal
5th - Kim Atkinson  

Race #2: Zero Ave Road Race - Mar 6, 2004

In the A Race, Corey Lange (Marco Polo) out foxed Marsh Cooper (Symmetrics Cycling) in a close sprint to the line. Neil Hahn (dEVo/PowerBar) took the B race over Mandy Poitras (Symmetrics) and Joel "the french connection" Regimbald (Synergy). Andrew Smith won the C Race. If anyone has a more exciting report, please email it to us!

Race #2 -March 6th, 2004
A Group
1st - Corey Lange Marco Polo
2nd - Marsh Cooper Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Dylan Sebel Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Will Routely Symmetrics Cycling
5th - Andrew Pinfold Symmetrics Cycling
B Group
1st - Neil Hahn dEVo/PowerBar
2nd - Mandy Poitras Symmetrics Cycling
3rd - Joel Regimbald Synergy
4th - Dan Schmit Bayside
5th - Marni Prazsky Symmetrics Cycling
C Group
1st - Andrew Smith  
2nd - Kerry Kunzli  
3rd - Rod Siudut  
4th - Anselmo Rossiello Rocky Mtn / Business Objects
5th - Albert Souza  

Race #1: River Road Circuit Race - Feb 29, 2004

The sun was shining on a record 162 participants at the dEVo/Ecsape Velocity Spring Series in Langley for the first race of the BC season. With temperature reaching 14 degrees, three large packs headed out on the River Road circuit course. In the A Group a 9 man breakaway went early in the race, containing eventual winner Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics) along with 2 of his teammates. Bayside Cycling also had representation in the break with not one but two Barth's (Matt and Chris). Matt Barth and Dylan Sebel would ride away from the break, which was swallowed by a Rocky Mountain-lead pack with 3 laps to go. Scott Goguen (Symmetrics) took the bunch sprint endging out Larry Zimich (Coastal) and Min Van Velzen.

A Group gets ready for action A Group in full flight
Devo at the front of the B Group Dylan Sebel (Symmetrics) and
Matt Barth (Bayside)
get one lap to go

Photos by: Peter Ross

Race #1 - February 29th, 2004
A Group
1st - Dylan Sebel Symmetrics Cycling
2nd - Matt Barth Bayside Cycling
3rd - Scott Goguen Symmetrics Cycling
4th - Larry Zimich Team Coastal
5th - Min Van Velzen Symmetrics Cycling
B Group
1st - Jim Kwasnicki  
2nd - Jeremy Storie dEVo/Powerbar
3rd - Horacio Chavez  
4th - Chris Squires  
5th - Mandy Poitras Symmetrics Cycling
C Group
1st - Andrew Smith  
2nd - Scott MacLean  
3rd - Mark Boehm Krebs Cycle
4th - Christa Barr Dizzy Chicks
5th - Matthew Campbell  


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