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Roadie.caSpring Series 2007: Results

Dates: March 4th to April 1st, 2007
Location: Langley, Aldergrove, & Abbotsford, BC

Roadie.ca is the official score keeper of the dEVo Spring Series. Complete results, including Ominum standings, are available on the Roadie.ca results page.

Race #5: Bradner Race - March 18, 2007

The day started with a mild mist and the entire race save the last few laps of the A race had dry and quite warm weather. The Bradner course is probably one of the toughest of the month with relentless rolling hills which are situated to allow the riders to get very little rhythm with the course. All groups ended in solo or small bunch finishes.

Results by Roadie.ca:

A group 14 laps 126 km
1. Marsh Cooper         Symmetrics
2. Jeff Sherstobitoff   Symmetrics
3. Chris Diafuku        WWU
4. Cam Evans            Symmetrics
5. Tim Abercrombie      Escape Velocity

B Group 10 laps 90 km
1. Chris Reynolds       CVC
2. Tony Routley         Team Whistler
3. Jenny Trew           Giant Women's Team
4. Andrew Lea
5. Colin Hale           Coastal

C Group 6 laps 54 km
1. Nathan Wallace
2. Derek Ferguson
3. Colin Campbell
4. John Livingstone
5. Mark Rainer 

Race #4: 40th Avenue Race - March 17, 2007

On another day reminiscent of last weekends Armstrong deluge the riders headed out on a brand new course. The rain continued to decimate the fields and both the B and C groups finished in tight bunch gallops with the A field succumbing to the Symmetrics juggernaut.

Results by Roadie.ca:

A Group 8 laps 128 km
1. Jeff Sherstobitoff   Symmetrics
2. Marsh Cooper         Symmetrics
3. Zach Bell            Symmetrics
4. Jim Tsilemos         Coastal
5. John Tolkamp         Escape Velocity

B Group 6 laps 96 km
1. Lloyd Thomas         Team Whistler
2. Mike Boehm           Team Whistler
3. Anselmo Rossiello    Coastal
4. Colin Hale           Coastal
5. Jenny Trew           Giant Women's Team

C Group 4 laps 64 km
1. Mathew Campbell
2. Mike Laxdal          Integrale
3. Richard Kozak        Escape Velocity
4. Derek Ferguson
5. Mark Rainer 

Race #3: River Road Circuit Race - March 11, 2007

The third race of the dEVo Spring Road Race series was held on the climbers delight Armstrong course under epic raining and windy conditions. The 3 km stepped climb on the 7 km loop saw all groups finish with solo riders or very small bunch sprints. Despite the horrific conditions there were 110 riders spread fairly evenly across the three groups.

Results by Roadie.ca:

A Group  15 laps  113 km
1. Christian Meier              Symmetrics 
2. Marsh Cooper                 Symmetrics 
3. Brian Nelson                 First Rate Mortgage 
4. Dave Vukets                  Trek/Red Truck Ale 
5. Ryan Anderson                Trek/Red Truck Ale

B Group 11 laps 83 km
1. Jonathan Page                dEVo 
2. Chris Reynolds               CVC Racing
3. Cody Campbell                dEVo 
4. Owen Harrison                Team Restoration 
5. Guy Biggar                   Escape Velocity

C Group  7 laps  53 km
1. Terry Dillon 
2. Derek Ferguson 
3. Mike Sidic 
4. Mike Laxdale                 
5. DJ Manning                   dEVo

Race #2: Zero Avenue Race - March 10, 2007

The second race of the dEVo Spring Road Race series was held on the "classic" Zero Ave course under cloudy but never raining skies. The very very gently rolling twisting course saw all groups finish in bunch sprints except for the Symmetrics dominated A race. Tomorrow is the Armstrong course with weather forecasting heavy rain so with the difficult climb up the Armstrong hill an epic day should be in store.

Results by Roadie.ca:

A Group  15 laps  117 km
1. Jeff Sherstobitoff           Symmetrics 
2. Zach Bell                    Symmetrics 
3. Cam Evans                    Symmetrics 
4. Svein Tuft                   Symmetrics 
5. Chris Piafukw                WWU Cycling

B Group 10 laps 78 km
1.Lloyd Thomas                  Team Whistler/Natures Path 
2.Owen Harrison                 Team Restoration 
3. David Burch                  Team Whistler/Natures Path 
4. Jenny Trew                   Team Giant 
5. Hans Bauk

C Group  7 laps  56 km
1. Dave Markham 
2. Nathan Wallace 
3. Doug Preston                 Escape Velocity 
4. Jayson Gillespie             Team Alberta 
5. Brian Wong                   CVC Racing

Novice group   4 laps  31 km
1. Angus Straight               dEVo 
2. Drew Rickard 
3. Rick Wiltshire 
4. May Jung 
5. Laura Cullen

Race #1: River Road Circuit Race - March 4, 2007

The Day was a mix of clouds and a bit of sun with only a sprinkling of rain on the last lap of the A race. Turn out was 224 riders to start the BC season off with a bang. Thanks to all the volunteers and to Louis Garneau and Powerbar as sponsors of Escape velocity and dEvo.

Results by Roadie.ca:

A race  17 laps, 104 km 
1. Cam Evans            Symmetrics 
2. Marsh Cooper         Symmetrics 
3. Ryan Anderson        Trek/Red Truck Ale 
4. Christian Meier      Symmetrics 
5. Andrew Kyle          AviaWest

B race  14 laps  87 km 
1. Maurizio Giraldi 
2. Jasper Steinhausen 
3. Jenny Trew           Giant Women's team 
4. Cody Campbell        dEVo 
5. Jonathan Page        Escape Velocity*

C race 9 laps  56 km 
1. Zeb Piggot-Duggan 
2. Nathan Wallace 
3. Tony Zachery         CVC Racing 
4. Terry Dillon 
5. Scott Vigliotti      CVC Racing

Novice race  4 laps  25 km 
1. Drew Rickard 
2. May Jung 
3. Patrick Fergusson    dEVo 
4. Marie Devantier 
5. Laura Cullen

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