Mid Island Velo Association



MAY 21-22 2011




The stage race, organised by the Mid Island Velo Association, is a development from  past May weekend events, MIVA's predecessor, OBB Wheelers has put on for the last three years and will show the same high level of organisation.


The registration for the stage race and for first two stages is at The Commons, on south side of North Road just past school.




1.    This is a stage race, and to show in the overall results (general classification) participants must complete all four stages. Those riders who, for any reason, ride three or complete three or less stages, will not show in the G.C.

2.    This race is being run under an experimental ability-based format.

3.    Times for the prologue stage will be used to separate the riders into three categories.

4.    The three categories will start the second stage at five minute intervals.

(these intervals may be modified before race day after discussion with BCMCA  personnel)

5.    Stage two road race is an Australian Pursuit format so the placings will be in the order riders cross the line, regardless of which group they started in.

6.    Start order for stage three time trial will be reverse order of general classification after stage two.

7.    Presentation of awards will take place after the final criterium on May 22nd.

8.    Total entry fee: $30.  Fee for each stage if not riding all stages: time trials & criterium: $10 ea, road race $20



Stage one

A prologue out-and-back time trial 5.5km in length, on South Road, Gabriola Island.

Start time for first rider is 11.01am on May 21st.

Only regular road bikes may be used. No time trial bikes are permitted for this stage.


Stage two

A 75km road race on three laps of a 25km circuit round Gabriola Island. First group starts at 2.00pm on May 21st. Any riders who are lapped before the finish will be pulled and given a time based on when they were lapped.

There will be a KOM (King of the Mountain) time bonus of three seconds for first two laps for each category. The time bonus on the last lap will be for the first rider, regardless of category.

There will be time bonuses of 9, 6, and 3 seconds for the top three finishers.


Stage three

A fifteen km out-and back time trial on Nanaimo River Road. First rider starts at 10.01am on May 22nd.

Only regular road bikes may be used. No time trial bikes are permitted for this stage.


Stage Four

A 40 minute plus 5 lap criterium on the Boxwood Road circuit in Nanaimo.

Each category will compete in a separate race. In the event of low numbers, categories may be combined.

There will be time bonuses of 6,4, and2 seconds for top three finishers in each event.

Lapped riders may be left in at the commissaire's discretion.

If lapped riders are pulled, they will be given a stage time based on when they were lapped.




Ferry Information:

            Ferry Sailing times pre race on May 21st.

                        8.15am, 9.30am

            Return ferry after stage two

                        6.10pm, 7.30pm


            Ferry charges (include out and return):

                        vehicle                        $22,50 +2.50 per additional foot over 20 ft.

                        Passenger      $9.50 plus $2.00 for bicycle


Parking, Nanaimo:    

            Free parking near the Nanaimo Gabriola ferry terminal:

                        Port Mall, Access from Front Street opposite terminal

                        Municipal parking under conference centre. Access from Front Street


Parking Gabriola:

Free parking at event headquarters: The Commons on south side of North Road just past school

Food and Meals:




            The Commons has a terrace and indoor rooms where you can take your own food.